Joanna Wilbee-Amis


Joanna Wilbee-Amis
  • Campus: Main
  • Office: JHUC 933
  • Phone: (906) 217-4205

Joanna Wilbee-Amis is an adjunct instructor in the Business Division. Since she began teaching at Bay College in 2012, Wilbee-Amis has helped create and update a number of courses in the subject area of marketing. In addition, Wilbee-Amis continues to provide marketing consultation services for a variety of clients throughout Upper Michigan and the United States, having worked in the field of marketing for more than two decades. She holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Southern New Hampshire University with a concentration in social media marketing as well as a graduate certificate in marketing in addition to a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Western Michigan University. Through her teaching approach, Joanna works to combine her professional experience with her education ensuring her courses are rooted in concept but melded with real-world application to help students recognize and apply the material on many levels. In 2017, she was awarded Bay’s Outstanding Educator Part-Time Faculty Award.