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Did you know that you have the ability to earn a bachelor’s degree through Lake Superior State University (LSSU) without leaving Escanaba or Iron Mountain’s campuses? In fact, for some degree programs the first time you step on the LSSU campus in Sault Ste. Marie may be when you attend graduation.

LSSU began offering undergraduate degree completion programs at Bay College in 1989. As demands changed so did the degree offerings available, and today the partnership is stronger than ever. Bay students can take advantage of two different options to get their bachelor’s degree through LSSU!

Option #1:

LSSU’s Regional Center (No travel)

With this option you are earning your degree through LSSU’s regional center, which means you never have to leave Bay’s campus. So how does this work? First you earn your associate’s degree through Bay College and then complete the rest of your degree through LSSU. These classes can be done through face-to-face blended classes at Bay, ITV or online. If you go in knowing what you want to do, you can get your bachelor’s degree in four years with no travel.

Here’s the benefits:
  • Travel – The degrees listed below can be completed without having to travel to Sault Ste. Marie. However, some classes at the West Campus may require travel to Escanaba pending scheduling.
  • Save money – The average cost savings is $12,000 excluding room and board. This option allows you to earn up to 90 credits with the Bay College rate and then complete the estimated remaining 30 credits through LSSU.
  • Relationship - Students have already started off with a great experience and a great relationship with faculty at Bay College creating a seamless transition to your degree with LSSU.
  • Quality education – Students earn the same high-quality bachelor’s degree locally as you would by attending LSSU’s main campus, with the same coursework required.
Degrees available without leaving Bay College’s campus:
  • Accounting (Bachelor of Science)
  • Business Administration (Bachelor of Science)
    • Accounting/Finance Minor
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration
    • International Business Concentration
    • International Business Minor (Also available in Iron Mountain)
    • Management Concentration
    • Marketing Minor
  • General Studies (Bachelor of Science)
  • Teacher Education (Bachelor of Science)
    • Birth-Kindergarten grade band concentration
    • PreK-3rd grade band concentration
    • PreK-6th grade band concentration
    • 3rd-6th grade band concentration
  • Individual Studies (Bachelor of Science)
  • Nursing-Post License Completion (Bachelor of Science)
  • Secondary Education (Bachelor of Arts/Science)
    • Language and Literature
    • Mathematics
    • Integrated Science
    • Social Science

Option #2:

Seamlessly Transfer (Start at Bay College, finish at LSSU)

Through this option you start your associate’s degree at Bay College and then transfer seamlessly to LSSU and complete your program on LSSU’s campus located in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. The collaboration has never been stronger between our institutions with a comprehensive list of articulated credit that allows students to launch into any of LSSU’s bachelor degree programs. When you click the link below you can see a full listing of articulated degree tracks between Bay College and LSSU.

Here’s the benefits:
  • Save money – You’re saving by taking advantage of the Bay rate for your Associate’s Degree as well as on room and board expenses your first two years.
  • LSSU Advisor – In addition to your Bay Advisor, students who start at Bay and plan to transfer to LSSU are assigned an LSSU faculty advisor to ensure alignment and answer any questions in regards to their bachelor’s degree.
  • Similar Culture – Similar to Bay College, LSSU offers small class sizes and a strong sense of community making for an easy transition to a university setting.
  • Clearly defined coursework - Students can clearly see what classes can be taken at Bay College, how they will transfer to LSSU, and what must be taken at LSSU’s main campus in order to earn their bachelor degree.

What Next?

Email the Lake Superior State University Regional Center, call 906-217-4146, or stop by their offices located in the Joseph Heirman University Center Business Division for an appointment to discuss.

  • Admissions requirements
  • Financial aid basic information
  • Your customized academic plan

Student Testimonials

"Not only has LSSU provided me with the education but also the confidence and professional etiquette to take the next step in my life."

-Ashleigh Young,
LSSU Regional Center Graduate

"The LSSU Regional Center was a great experience. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants a four year degree."

-Brady Barron,
LSSU Regional Center Graduate

“I was able to work full time and be home every night because of the convenience of Bay College and LSSU Regional Center. Going the Bay Way was the best way for both me and my family!”

-Kellie Sexton,
Bay College Class of 2018, LSSU class of 2020

Interesting Facts About LSSU

  • As of December 2019, over 760 students have graduated through the Lake Superior State University regional center
  • 16:1 student/faculty ratio
  • 1:1 personalized service
  • 65+ programs on LSSU’s main campus
  • Nearly 100% career placement: Chemistry, Education, Engineering, Fire Science,
  • Geology, Nursing (option 2)
  • 60+ Student Organizations, Clubs & Intramural (option 2)