Adrian Brazeau


Adrian Brazeau
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Escanaba, MI

Bay College freshman Adrian Brazeau graduated from Escanaba Senior High School in the spring of 2022. Though she started attending Bay as a full-time student at the start of the fall 2022 semester, she had been taking college classes years before that point.

“I was in the Early/Middle College program, so I actually committed to Bay in my junior year of high school,” she said.

Attending Bay classes through the Early/Middle College program gave Adrian a chance to earn college credits before she became an “official” Bay student—while saving money in the process.

“I appreciated the opportunity to have a free year of college and to figure out what I wanted to do before moving on to any bigger university,” she said.

Her participation in the Early/Middle College program also helped her decide on a major.

“I took a psychology class through Bay during my senior year of high school. I enjoyed that, and wanted to continue pursuing it,” Adrian said.

In the months since she started taking Bay classes as a full-fledged college student, Adrian has been working hard to adjust to campus life.

“It’s more independent work, but I get to focus more on studying what I’m interested in and taking classes I think will benefit me most,” she said.

Her teachers have helped her thrive in this new environment.

“I feel like all the instructors are really knowledgeable,” Adrian said.

Adrian hopes to graduate from Bay after the winter 2024 semester.

“I’m going to start applying to colleges soon, and I’m going to hopefully earn my bachelor’s in psychology and my master’s in child life. I really want to work with children,” she said.

According to Adrian, her plans for employment will depend on how the remainder of her college career goes. Regardless of what happens, she is glad she was able to get started at Bay.

“I’m just really grateful for the opportunity to have my first year here free, to get an understanding of how college works, and to get my associate degree,” she said.