Taletha Witty


Taletha Witty smiling outside

Bay College junior and criminal justice major Taletha Witty is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree from Lake Superior State University. She is attending LSSU classes through Bay’s LSSU Regional Center.

Taletha started studying at Bay during the fall 2018 semester. She had graduated from Munising Middle/High School earlier that year, and she chose to continue her education at Bay because of its location and affordability.

“It was close to my hometown, and financially it was the best way to go,” she said of her decision to take classes at Bay College.

By the time she started studying at Bay, Taletha already knew she wanted to go into criminal justice. Her interest in this field was inspired by a member of her family.

“My brother had joined the military and become a military police officer, and that has made me want to become a cop,” she said.

Taletha finished all of her general education credits in her first year, and she has completed all of the criminal justice-related courses she needs from Bay. Now, she only has to complete a few criminal justice classes through LSSU to earn her bachelor’s degree – but, due to LSSU’s class scheduling, this may take some time.

“One class will be offered on an even year, and then another will be offered on an odd year,” Taletha said.

Because of this, Taletha expects to graduate from LSSU in about two years.

“As of right now, I’m projected to have my bachelor’s in December of 2022,” she said, noting she is trying to graduate as soon as possible.

Taletha has enjoyed her time at Bay. Among other highlights, she said the school’s staff and faculty have always been willing to assist her.

“They’re very helpful – you could walk into any office and they’re going to help you or they’re going to point you in the right direction of where to go to get help,” she said.

She went on to say that her instructors at Bay have been accessible.

“The professors are always offering office hours, so you’re able to just go and talk to your professor personally,” Taletha said.

After college, Taletha hopes to find a career in law enforcement.

“My plans currently are to become a police officer, whether it be a military police officer or just a regular police officer,” she said.

She is particularly interested in the possibility of working with a K-9 unit.

“I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life,” Taletha said.