Thea Fradette


Close-up of Thea Fradette smiling

"Where are they going?  Who's in the hall?  Do I smell bad or is that my neighbor?  That was a weird sound.  I should be focusing on the instructor.  Focus on the instructor.  Just because you're telling yourself to focus doesn't mean you're focusing.  What did they just say?"  That was my mind in a traditional college setting:  loud, busy, and unfocused.  I found that environment stifling,  intimidating, and oppressive, and I did not find success in the classroom.  In fact, I was turned off of institutional learning altogether because of my experience.

The Fadette holding a baby

My story is the same as many others. I'm a non-traditional student giving it the ol' college try...again. When I discovered the myriad of programs Bay College offered online, I was excited to apply for my Associate Degree in Business. As a full-time employee and mother of two children, the online atmosphere is exactly what I needed to finish school.  It couldn't have been easier to enroll, apply for financial aid, and register for courses.  I was able to get a head start because the course textbooks were available to me before the course began.  My instructors are responsive and engaging; I am never left waiting for an answer.

I have found the digital resources invaluable to my education. I am also able to work more independently. As long as my assignments are completed on time, I can take as many breaks as I need to. If I need to step away from the computer to tend to my family, I can.  If I can't sleep at 3:00 AM, I can hop on Blackboard and get some reading done.

The Fadette with her family at home

Dr. Laura Coleman and the faculty and staff at Bay have done an incredible job with their online format, and amidst the confusion of COVID-19, they've made huge strides to provide even more digital resources for their students' use.  I'm proud to be a Bay College online learner.  Keep up the great work!