Vince Doyen


Vince Doyen
Major: Art and Design
Hometown: Escanaba, MI

Bay College student Vince Doyen did not start his college experience as a Bay student. Instead, he transferred to Bay later on for a number of reasons—including his desire to take classes in person and connect with other people along the way.

Vince graduated from Link Learning Escanaba in 2021. After that, he took online classes at Ferris State University for roughly a year before transferring to Bay at the beginning of the fall 2022 semester.

“It was local, and my brother previously graduated from Bay,” he said.

One additional factor that played a significant role in his decision to transfer was the opportunities for in-person learning available at Bay.

“I wanted to go back to classes in person and maybe meet people there. Online, I really didn’t feel a connection to people,” Vince said.

Vince is now finishing his fourth semester as a Bay College student, and he said his time at Bay has been going well overall.

“My teachers have been good. Even when I’m struggling, they usually can help me figure out what to do,” he said.

Vince is majoring in art and design at Bay. He said his fascination with this field dates back to his childhood.

“I’ve always enjoyed art since I was young. I also want to get into animation at some point, and I figured art classes would help me get into that,” he said.

Taking art classes has also helped Vince make connections with other Bay students.

“Last semester, I met a group of people in an art class, and we formed a bond. Now, we all have a group chat,” he said.

Currently, Vince is thinking about where he will attend college classes in the fall 2024 semester and beyond.

“I might transfer next semester. When I do transfer, I plan on going back to Ferris State so I can more properly learn animation,” he said.

According to Vince, he eventually hopes to get a bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University. Then, he will work toward finding work in the animation industry, either by getting hired at a studio or becoming a freelancer.

Vince said he has been extremely satisfied with his decision to take classes at Bay.

“It’s just a friendly environment—the other students here are really nice, and so are the instructors and staff. You can feel comfortable being yourself here,” he said.