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Student Profile

Bay College water resource management major Sydney Gallagher plans to earn a certificate in water resource management at the end of the fall 2021 semester.


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Bay College is a top ten Best Online Community College in Michigan.

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Applied Technology

Gain real world, hands-on experience using technology for a career in industrial, municipal and environmental operations.

Female photographer

Art and Communication

Explore your creativity and express yourself through photography, video, design, literature, language, and theater.



Explore the many areas of the business world focusing on accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, selling, marketing, and management.

Female computer programmer

Computer and IT

Optimize computer networks, secure data, manage information and develop cutting-edge apps in this ever-changing, opportunity rich field.

Police officer

Criminal Justice and Law

Protect and serve your local community, state, nation and the world so that everyone can live in a safe and secure environment.

Female nurse

Health Care

Focus on improving health, enhancing quality of life, patient care and saving lives in this high demand, fast growing job market.

Male therapist

Human Services

Develop your passion for people in careers dedicated to helping those in need, educating future generations and advancing communities.

Female biologist


Research, analyze, innovate, design, and advance technology to shape the future in high demand, high paying STEM careers.

Invest in Education

The Bay College Foundation provides opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, organizations and foundations alike to support higher education, scholarships, arts, and athletics via private funding.


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