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Welder bonding metal with welding device in workshop, lots of sparks to be seen, he wears welding goggles

Bay College was recently recognized as a top 10 best vocational and trade school in Michigan! The study by Real Work Matters is based on data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics and College Scorecard tool.

Careers in professional skilled trades are expected to rise faster than the national average. Employers are seeking technicians, welders, and operations managers to work in a variety of industrial, municipal and manufacturing environments. Bay offers real world training with cutting edge technology, helping you become an expert in your field and leading you to a dynamic career.

Course Code Course Title Instructional Delivery Free or Low Cost Textbook
CNSS 105 Digital Logic Principles Online  No Book Required
GIS 201 Intro to Geographic Info Systems Online  
WATR 110 Wastewater Operations and Management Online  
WATR 150 Team Project Course Online  
WATR 260 Current Issues for Managers Online  
WATR 270 Water in Motion Online  

* Course delivery methods are subject to change. To search for current offerings, visit myBay.