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Male business professional sitting at a desk.

The Business world has many dimensions and is constantly changing. At Bay College, you’ll learn about companies best practices, explore sustainability, and discover the social and economic impact of business in today’s world. Graduates will have knowledge in a wide range of business areas including accounting, selling, marketing, management, and economics.

Course Code Course Title Instructional Delivery Free or Low Cost Textbook
ACCT 100 Practical Accounting Online  
ACCT 101 Accounting Principles I Online, 
On Campus
ACCT 102 Accounting Principles II Online  
ACCT 210 Intermediate Accounting I Online  
ACCT 215 Cost Accounting I Online  
ACCT 216 Taxation I Online  
BUSN 160 Introduction to Business Online, 
On Campus
 Introduction to Business
BUSN 177 Mathematics of Business Online, 
On Campus
BUSN 195 Business Communications Online, 
On Campus
BUSN 203 Management Information Systems Online  
BUSN 242 Principles of Management Online, 
On Campus
 Principles of Management 
BUSN 250 Business Law I Online, 
On Campus
BUSN 253 Marketing Online  
BUSN 260 International Business Online  
BUSN 261 Advertising and Promotion Online  
CIS 125 Business Technology Tools Online  
ECON 120 Personal Finance Online  
ECON 131 Macroeconomics Online, 
On Campus
 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 132 Microeconomics Online, 
On Campus Hybrid, 
On Campus
 Principles of Microeconomics
OIS 102 Computer Keyboarding Skill Dvlpmt Online  
OIS 150 Word Processing Applications Online  
OIS 170 Electronic Medical Office Records Online  
OIS 191 Business English and Proofreading On Campus Hybrid  
OIS 220 Medical Insurance Billing Online  

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