Thinking about a career in CyberSecurity? Bay is the way!


Bay College cybersecurity student in the hallway

There has been a fundamental shift in cyber security over the last three years. As cyber threats continue to grow, organizations are working to find skilled cyber security professionals that are able to protect their systems from viruses and hackers. Just in the last few weeks President Trump has authorized our Air Force Cyber Command to use cyber-based attacks against Iran and other countries. CyberSecurity skills are hot!

In 2017 there was a push for educational institutions to redesign their Computer Network Systems and Security (CNSS) classes as the need for individuals capable of securing networks against attackers continued to grow. “Previously there was concern about teaching students about hacking, but now we are running the labs again to give our students the chance to learn how to better prevent cyber-attacks,” said Karl Linderoth, Computer Network Systems & Security and GIS Instructor at Bay College.

There is tremendous value in having these simulations taught in the classroom. “By having these real-world scenarios in the classroom, students can witness first-hand how attacks on the invaluable information technology infrastructure can impact the bottom-line of the organizations that they will one day work for,” states Benjamin Reath, Tech Support Coordinator at Bay College West. “There have been numerous examples of organizations who have not focused enough effort on protecting their Information Technology assets, which has led to theft of not just personal information, but actual dollars as well.” Through emphasizing cybersecurity in the classroom, Bay College graduates are better able to deal with these threats.

CNSS program has recently been accepted as a CompTIA Authorized Academy. Students will now receive the education and hands on training as well as receive a free CompTIA certification voucher in several classes. Graduating with both a degree and respected industry certification will give our graduates a huge advantage in seeking employment.

Linderoth shared, “To be really good you need to have algebra skills. Business math and algebra skills teach abstract thinking and logic skills so if you’re good at those two things you’re going to be good at script writing, programing and engineering solutions.”

Currently there is 100% placement with Bay College students through internship programs in the area. “Landing internships in the Dickinson County area has always been available, but the difference is now we are seeing is that placements now come with an hourly wage in most cases. Most employers are saying I need a student, I need the best student and I’m willing to pay them,” shared Linderoth.

The workforce gap is estimated to be growing, with the projected shortage reaching 1.8 million professionals by 2022 according to a recent study by (ISC)2. “The career opportunities are just astounding we’ve never seen numbers like this – it is exploding. If we don’t get students into computer programs this and excited about this we will be importing a lot of students from other countries.”

At Bay College, our Computer Network Systems and Security (CNSS) courses and programs are taught using the most current technologies and software.  We are part of the State of Michigan's Marshall Plan 2.4 Million grant supporting the CyberSecurity Talent Consortium that will fund advanced cyber defense and offensive coding skills over the next three years.  Our classes emphasize problem-solving using current software packages, hardware configurations, operating systems, and networks at an affordable rate. If students are interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree our 2 + 2 articulation agreement (we teach the first two years of the NMU degree) with Northern Michigan University positions students perfectly to continue on at the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute and CyberHub. It's the only facility of its kind in the U.P. and the sixth such facility in the state.

Computer Network Systems and Security...that is learning the "Bay Way"!