Bay College Announces New Support and Opportunities for K-12 Majors


There is always a need for great teachers in the UP, and Bay College is building new support and opportunities for current and future K-12 education majors. We are happy to announce the hire of Penney Parmet as the K-12 Education Coordinator. Penney is a long-time K-12 educator in the UP and has completed her doctoral coursework and exams in education at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to these accomplishments, Penney has been an award-winning education and communication instructor at Bay College for many years.

In her role as K-12 Education Coordinator, Penney will continue to teach education courses while also helping to create new curriculum, support students in transfer opportunities, and work to build professional development opportunities for education majors. One exciting opportunity that Penney has already created is opening of a Bay College Aspiring Educators’ Club. In addition, students this semester will be helping honor area K-12 teachers at the Bay College Open House on September 28th, meeting with representatives from NMU, and connecting with The Aspiring Educators’ Leadership/MEA. If you have any interest in knowing more about being an education major at Bay College, please Email Penney%20Parmet.