Bay STEM Colloquia James Davis will speak on "Phototonic Metamaterials"


The Bay College Math Science Division will host a presentation on photonic metamaterials. Bay alumnus James Davis will speak at 4 PM on Thursday October 17 in room 125 of the Math Science Building at Bay College’s Escanaba Campus. The presentation will be available simultaneously via iTV in room 107 at Bay College’s West Campus at 3 PM central time. Davis is pursuing a PhD. in Electrical Engineering with a focus on quantum optics and metamaterial design at Michigan Technological University.

Davis will explain how using specific combinations of materials, we can achieve abilities beyond what is found in nature. From creating invisibility cloaks to providing the ability to view live viruses, metamaterials have the potential to reshape the future. Davis will present an introduction to metamaterials going through many of their optical uses. Then he will talk about his experience transferring to Michigan Technological University from Bay, giving some tips and advice. Davis is a 2012 graduate of Escanaba High School. He holds a pre-engineering AS degree from Bay, a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.