Bay College Announces Quarterly TORCH Award Winner


Jonathan is wearing a blue shirt, glasses and is against a blue background

Congratulations to Jonathan Lane, Bay College's quarterly December  2019 – February 2020 TORCH Award winner. Jonathan is the Enterprise Application Manager in the IT Department at Bay College. He is recognized for his work as noted in the following:

T - Technical expert and Team-player:

Jonathan not only has exceptional technical expertise, he is also very much a team player. I recently had an opportunity to work with him on improving a process and he truly demonstrated what I would say are the perfect attributes of an IT worker (technical expertise with the ability to listen and respond to user needs).

O - Outstanding Customer Service

Jonathan is always extremely prompt in responding to questions and requests. In my position, I don't interact with Jonathan on a regular basis, but every time I have sent him a question or concern, he has responded right away and has worked diligently to find a solution.

R - Respectful

Jonathan treats everyone with respect and is very professional in his communication with others.

C - Can Do Attitude

Jonathan always strives to find a solution and/or improve a process. He listens carefully to input/feedback and does his best to find a solution that will best meet the needs of the user. He is very service-oriented.

H - Humble

One of my favorite things about Jonathan is that he consistently performs his duties at a high level of competency, but does so inconspicuously. He is one of those critical behind-the-scenes individuals that you don't always notice or appreciate until they're gone. He is a rock star in my book!”

The purpose of the TORCH Award is to give personal recognition to those employees on Bay College’s campuses dedicated to the mission of the College because of their attitude, commitment, and dedication toward the higher education learning environment. TORCH stands for: Team Player; Outstanding Performance; Responsive to Others; Conscientious to Mission of Bay; Helpful to All. For one of these areas, or for one specific event or circumstance, please summarize how your nominee has shown the identified characteristic(s) while performing their job and, if applicable, how did their actions/attitude impact your job area. This award is given to one employee on a quarterly basis. Nominations will be accepted from employees, students and the community. Nomination forms for the TORCH award can be found on Bay College's website by visiting the Bay College Employment web page.