Bay College Announces Quarterly TORCH Award Winner



Photo Caption: Penney Parmet, Bay College TORCH Award Winner

Congratulations to Penney Parmet, Bay College's quarterly (December 2020 - February 2021) TORCH Award winner. Penney is a part-time Instructor and K-12 Education Coordinator for the Social and Behavioral Science Division. She teaches classes in Interpersonal Communication, Exploring Teaching, and Educational Psychology. In addition to her work with students at Bay College, Penney is also an English/Language Arts and Academic Success teacher and mentor with the Upper Peninsula Virtual Academy online school for grades K-12. In addition, she is a Mentor Leader for the Michigan Virtual program with the State of Michigan.

Penney was nominated by one of her students for going above and beyond to support student success. She is recognized for her work as noted in the following: “Penney deserves this award because she cares! She goes above and beyond for her students all the time. She is always willing to help, no matter the time of day, even at night. She makes sure you're on track and if you're not she will try anyway to help you. She understands people have outside things to deal with so she offers extra credit through mentoring options. It is not just an extra credit assignment, she is giving us an experience. Penney truly has a heart of gold and cares for her students. She is making Bay an AMAZING place because of her efforts and the work and caring she puts in it.”

Penney’s commitment and dedication shows not only how she meets expectations but how she exceeds them!

The purpose of the TORCH Award is to give personal recognition to those employees on Bay College’s campuses dedicated to the mission of the College because of their attitude, commitment, and dedication toward the higher education learning environment. TORCH stands for: Team Player; Outstanding Performance; Responsive to Others; Conscientious to Mission of Bay; Helpful to All.