Bay College Honors 2024 Outstanding Full-Time Faculty


Todd McCann and Britt Slade with their 2024 Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award. Not pictured, Dr. June Klees.

June Klees, Todd McCann, and Britt Slade receive the 2024 Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award

By Taylor Barron
Published June 6, 2024

Bay College honored its 2024 Outstanding Full-Time Faculty during an awards banquet in April. Any Bay College employee, Board Member, student, alumni, or community member may nominate a full-time faculty for the Bay College Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award. The primary focus of this award is to acknowledge the faculty’s commitment to education and excellence in service to others.

The 2024 Outstanding Full-Time Faculty are as follows:

Dr. June Klees

Dr. June Klees teaches a variety of history courses as well as cultural diversity, education, geography, and the First-Year Experience course at Bay College. She earned a PhD in History from Kent State University and has been employed at Bay College since 1997. Dr. Klees has presented and written about Subject-Value Pedagogy, and has produced scholarly work and exhibits in the field of history. She is also involved with a variety of campus and community organizations, as well as an advocate for civics education.

One student said about Dr. Klees: “Dr. June is an amazing person. She teaches the course materials in an engaging, fun, and relatable way. Her courses are designed around analysis-themed critical thinking and puts a lot of work into making sure each individual receives quality instruction.”

Todd McCann

Todd McCann is a full-time English instructor and has been employed with Bay College since 1993. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Political Science and his Master’s Degree in English, all from St. Cloud State University. Todd also founded the TRIO Writing Center at Bay College, which helped improve English and writing skills of TRIO Students.

One student said about Todd: “Todd shows students how to write skillfully in the modern world by teaching not just how to write, but why effective writing is important and can improve many aspects of life.”

Britt Slade

Britt Slade is a full-time Mathematics Instructor in Iron Mountain, and has been employed at Bay College since 2005. She teaches numerous math courses and advises students interested in pursuing a degree in the math and science related fields. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree as well as an Education Certificate from Michigan Tech University. Britt has also been named a TORCH Award Winner multiple times and has been given Bay’s 2018-2019 Open Education Award.

One student shared about Britt: “Britt continuously uses innovative instruction, provides support, mentoring, and promotes a growth mindset. She gives wonderful feedback and takes the time to fully know her students.”

Congratulations to all instructors!


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