Bay College Honors 2024 Outstanding Graduates


By Taylor Barron
Published June 17, 2024

Bay College honors Adrian Brazeau, Lauren Buckland, Hannah Casey, Erik Christensen, Kody Desmarais, and Justin Myers as the recipients of the 2024 Outstanding Graduate Awards. To receive consideration for the award, these students were nominated by faculty members. These students are recognized for their academic performance, demonstrated leadership ability, motivation to succeed, and other noteworthy criteria established by the respective academic division.



Adrian Brazeau is the Arts and Letters Division Outstanding Graduate. Adrian started her career at Bay College in 2022 after graduating from Escanaba High School. Initially Adrian did not know what she wanted to study and took a variety of courses to see what interested her. She has now completed her Associates of Arts Degree at Bay College. While at Bay College, Adrian discovered a passion for the health field and is now planning to continue at Bay College by working towards a degree to become a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist.

One of Adrian’s longtime passions is to dance. After participating in dance from age 3 through high school, Adrian now loves coaching dance in her free time. She feels fortunate to be able to juggle her interests both inside and outside of the classroom. When asked about the benefits of attending Bay College, Adrian noted, “I was able to stay local, save money, and explore the many options for what I might want to do for my future career.”

Dr. Renee Strom and Adrian Brazeau, Arts and Letters

Photo Caption: Dr. Renee Strom and Adrian Brazeau, Arts and Letters



Lauren Buckland is the Allied Health Division Outstanding Graduate. Lauren is a Nursing major and is currently in the RN Bridge program at Bay College. Her future plans include receiving a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Nursing, with the ultimate goal of receiving her Nurse Practitioner license one day.

Lauren is an active volunteer at her local animal shelter and in her spare time she enjoys walks with her three dogs, knitting, and reading. Nursing Instructor, Dr. Caitlin Capodilupo shared, “Lauren was chosen by faculty for this award for her leadership, scholarship, perseverance, and grit.”

Lauren Buckland and Dr. Caitlin Capodilupo, Allied Health

Photo Caption: Lauren Buckland and Dr. Caitlin Capodilupo, Allied Health



Hannah Casey is the Math and Science Division Outstanding Graduate. Hannah graduated with an Associates in General Science from Bay College, and is hoping to find a career in the wildlife, forestry and conservational industry. Hannah has been a Supplemental Instructor (SI) at Bay College in chemistry and a tutor for other students in multiple subject areas. Hannah loves being outside, and specifically enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping.

Academic Success Manager, Kyle Schaeffer shared, “What’s unique about Hannah Casey’s success story is the number of students she has taken along with her on the path to success. During Hannah’s time at Bay, she has tutored for a wide variety of courses, along with being an SI leader. The assortment of roles Hannah has filled while working in Academic Support demonstrates how boldly she takes on new challenges. Whether the opportunity be conducting a classroom as an SI leader, or tutoring for a new course, Hannah projects a calm ‘I’ve got this’ kind of confidence in everything she does. Many students who’ve worked with Hannah have appreciated her kindness and ability to explain concepts in a way that helps them make sense of new information. Her range of skills and knowledge have had an immeasurable impact on student success, and we’re privileged to have worked with her.”

Matt Hayen and Hannah Casey, Math and Science

Photo Caption: Matt Hayen and Hannah Casey, Math and Science



Erik Christensen is the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division Outstanding Graduate. Erik graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Criminal Justice, and plans to attend a police academy in the future. Erik is part of a large family, with five siblings that he enjoys spending time with and playing disc golf as much as he can!

Criminal Justice Instructor, Sue Sundstrom-Young shared, “Erik is one of those students who has all the qualities we hope for in both a student , and future law enforcement officer. He is responsible, hardworking, dedicated, and possesses a great deal of common sense and integrity— traits that are essential in the criminal justice field!”

Erik Christensen, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Photo Caption: Erik Christensen, Social and Behavioral Sciences



Kody Desmarais is the Business Division Outstanding Graduate. Kody graduated with an Associates in Computer Information Systems and plans to continue his education at a four-year college and continue at Bay College by receiving multiple certifications. Kody enjoys spending time playing disc golf and assisting with youth training sessions, and installing the disc golf course in Iron Mountain. You can also often find Kody in a food truck at local events, representing Millies Market in Iron Mountain. With a passion for history, it is not uncommon to find Kody spouting on about the history of hot air balloons, diving bells, and Otzi “The Iceman.”

Computer Information Systems Instructor, John Breitzman shared, “Kody has truly mastered the art of coding, demonstrating exceptional skill and determination in our CIS program. His achievements stand as a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.”

Kody Desmarais, Business

Photo Caption: Kody Desmarais, Business



Justin Myers is the Technology Division Outstanding Graduate. Justin graduated with an Associates in Computer Network Systems and Security. Justin has worked at Bay College’s IT Help Desk and as a tutor. He is also interning at the Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! as a Network Specialist Intern. He plans to earn his Security+ certification and work in the Upper Peninsula in cybersecurity. Justin enjoys living in Marquette and you can find him kayaking, biking, or relaxing at the beach if the weather allows it.

Technology Division Chair and Instructor, Karl Linderoth shared, “Justin is one of those students that raises the level of the whole program! Always prepared for class, Justin was a natural leader in the classroom due to both his skills and personality. Justin will be a great addition to any IT department.”

Karl Lindertoh and Justin Myers, Technology

Photo Caption: Karl Linderoth and Justin Myers, Technology


Congratulations to the 2024 Outstanding Graduates!


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