David Fix

Board Member

David Fix

Northern Insurance Agency Assistant Principal David Fix is one of the newest members of the Bay College Foundation Board. Though he has only served on this board for a few months, David said he has enjoyed giving back to the college—and, by extension, the community.

David grew up in Escanaba; in 2013, he got his high school diploma from Escanaba Senior High School. After attending St. Norbert College in his freshman year, he returned to the area to take classes at Bay for a semester. Then, he went on to finish his degree in business administration at Central Michigan University.

“I always knew I liked working with people, and I kind of wanted to do something in business. Growing up, my father always worked in insurance—seeing how he got to work with people and problem-solve every day appealed to me,” he said regarding his chosen field of study.

Once he completed his degree, David did a few internships with Auto-Owners Insurance and ended up working at their corporate office in Lansing for a few years. In July 2019, he found a new job at Northern Insurance Agency’s Escanaba location.

“I always knew I wanted to get back to Escanaba. I had an opportunity to work with my dad, too, which I also wanted to do,” he said.

In early April 2023, Foundation Board member (and fellow member of the EHS class of 2013) Jalyn Dagenais-Gendron contacted David to see if he would consider joining the board.

“She reached out to me to see if I would be interested and to talk about what the board did, and I said it would be a great thing to be a part of. Then, [Advancement Services Manager] Vicki DeGrand followed up and set me up with the nominating committee,” he said.

I am on the audit committee—we keep track of the board’s finances, and make sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. In my line of work, we handle audits quite a bit, so I’m fairly familiar with the process,” he said.

Other than that, he works with the board to help Bay students further their education.

“We provide financial assistance to students to further their education and help guide them on their career pathways,” David said.

In addition to the college classes Bay offers, David said the college’s sports and arts initiatives support Delta County as a whole. This has made him even happier to be involved with the board.

“I think any opportunity you have to give back and help other people in the area is a good social responsibility to have,” he said.

Along with his Foundation Board membership, David is a member of the Big “I” Legislative Board and the Delta County Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Though he is still learning the ropes in his role as a Foundation Board member, David said he is looking forward to what comes next.

“It’s very new to me, but I’m excited for what the future holds and to see where I can help out while contributing to their continued success,” he said.