Evan Schoff


Evan Schoff

According to Evan Schoff, he never expected to return to Bay College after transferring to a larger university years ago. However, his plans changed – and he said this change has ultimately been for the better.

Evan graduated from Escanaba Senior High School in 2019. He signed up for Bay College classes as a full-time student in the fall 2019 semester.

“I was a fifth-year student, so I had my first year paid for by the school. I couldn’t pass up that deal,” he said.

In fall 2020, he transferred to Northern Michigan University to continue his college education, believing he would prefer to take classes on a larger campus. Despite this, he came back to Bay at the start of the winter 2022 semester.

“I was sick and tired of paying for university tuition to get my associate degree when I could get it at Bay. I also prefer Bay’s smaller class sizes compared to sitting in a lecture with 100 people,” Evan said.

So far, Evan has enjoyed his return to Bay this semester. Currently, he is working towards an associate degree in liberal arts.

“I’m really enjoying my ethics and human resources class with Michael Dupont. He is a wonderful, wonderful professor,” he said.

Evan has also been pleased with Bay’s willingness to support its students.

“I am glad that they provide adequate mental health services for students here,” he said.

Right now, Evan is employed in the area at Lakestate Industries. Once he graduates, he does not plan to leave his current job or pursue his bachelor’s degree right away.

“After graduating, I’m probably going to go back to working full-time at Lakestate and work there until I figure out what I want to do. I’ve enjoyed learning about mental health services, but I also like the sciences,” he said.

If he does decide to get his four-year degree, he will aim to find a position where his employer will provide financial support.

Evan said he appreciates Bay’s commitment to its students and the level of services they provide compared to larger schools.

“They see their students as students – not just as a dollar,” he said.