Bay College and UW-Green Bay Partnership


Bay College Water Tech Students

Future and current students enrolled at Bay College working towards their Water Resource Management Associate Degree, a two-year program, who are interested in transferring to University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, can now easily satisfy and meet all necessary requirements to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering Technology. Bay College’s water courses are accessible from anywhere. “This partnership creates a smooth transition for students to continue their education after Bay College,” says Cindy Carter, Dean at Bay College.  “The College sees many students relocating to the Green Bay area and this partnership now makes it easier for them to do so.”

It’s been a year in the making for Carter, Bay College instructor and ’95 graduate of UW-Green Bay Troy Gallagher, UW-Green Bay Dean John Katers, and faculty members in UW-Green Bay’s Richard J. Resch School of Engineering. It is the first transfer agreement between the two institutions and another important step as UW-Green Bay works to meet the needs of the region through its access mission and “One university, four campus model.” UW-Green Bay has campuses in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan.

“We are very excited about this articulation agreement and the opportunity to partner in meeting the needs of the students,” Dean Katers said. “Both Bay College and UW-Green Bay have worked with organizations like NEW Water (a wholesale provider of services to 15 municipal customers, serving 236,000 residents in a 285-square-mile area. It collects and treats an average of 41 million gallons a day from its two facilities.) “This agreement will allow us to continue to meet the needs for skilled employees in these important careers.”  After a visit to the Bay College campus, Katers noted that “it has a very similar feel to UW-Green Bay and I think students would find UW-Green Bay to be a great place to transition as they pursue their goals in environmental engineering technology.”

Gallagher, the Bay Water Treatment Instructor, says he is looking forward to this new partnership as it opens alternative doors within the industry for students.  “The area of study focuses on more than ‘general environmental’ studies,” he says. “It allows students to explore other opportunities in the field like higher-level management, consulting, and even industrial water positions, all of which require a four-year degree.”

Educated and trained professionals in this field are in high demand throughout the country, especially in the Midwest. “The need for trained water operators is in high demand,” says Carter.  “Michigan and Wisconsin are no exception.” Gallagher adds, “With Green Bay roughly two hours away, students can still come home on weekends. Also, since Bay College offers the Water Resource Management program in-person and online, students who want to live and work in the Midwest have this option in their back pocket

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