Celebration of Serendipity


Laura Tirapelli, Control

Cover artwork for Serendipity 2022 is a piece in ink created by Laura Tirapelli entitled, Control.

We all have stories to tell: memories to relish, tragedies to move past, struggles to overcome. Some of those stories make us sad; others make us hopeful. This year, several Bay College students shared their stories through various mediums--essay, poetry, song lyrics, art—in the 2022 publication of Serendipity, Bay College’s annual publication of student writing and art.  In this year’s edition, you’ll read about lessons learned from travelling abroad, volunteering, and suffering a stroke at a young age. You’ll be warmed by memories of a loved one’s home and the strength of a non-familial bond. The poems will describe inner struggles, emotional scars, as well as the paths to healing and hope.  Various works of art explore the passage of time, life's small beauties, and the unique experiences of joy and pain. Each medium showcased in this edition--photography, digital image, sculpture, drawing--casts its subject in an ardent light.

Please join us in celebrating these students’ artistic talents on Wednesday, April 20, from 3-4:30 p.m. EST in the Besse Center Theater at Bay College. This “Celebration of Serendipity” will showcase the talents of Bay College students in the areas of writing, photography, art, and digital media. The event is free and open to the public.

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