Aaron Rosendahl


Aaron Rosendahl

With his freshman year at Bay College coming to a close, liberal arts major Aaron Rosendahl has begun narrowing down his career options. According to Aaron, the resources that Bay provides to its students have played a vital role in this process.

In 2021, Aaron graduated from Escanaba Senior High School. He started taking classes at Bay that fall.

“I’ve always wanted to go to college, and it was something my family encouraged me to do since middle school. I thought Bay would be a good place to start off and find a path for my future,” he said.

As of April 2022, Aaron said his first full year as a Bay College student went well. While one of his math classes was challenging, the support services available to Bay students through TRIO helped him get through it successfully.

“I’ve been going to tutoring sessions every Tuesday and Thursday after class. They’ve been going decently – I think it’s a good tool to learn more about the subject,” he said.

Aaron also went through a career exploration program offered by TRIO earlier this spring.

“You start off by taking an assessment from one of the advisors here. That consists of about 200 questions about various careers,” he said of the program.

The test results Aaron received suggest he could excel in “conventional,” “enterprising,” and “social” careers. He will continue to explore his options by taking specific courses during the fall 2022 semester.

“This fall, I’m taking classes on business and sociology. I’m interested in marketing and social work, and these two classes cover those areas,” he said.

Aaron said he plans to graduate from Bay in about two years. Though he eventually hopes to find a rewarding job and start a family, he aims to decide on a career pathway before mapping out the rest of his college education.

He also said Bay has been an ideal place to start making plans for adult life.

“I think it’s a very good school for any student who wants to go to college but isn’t sure what path to take,” Aaron said