Bay College Honors Outstanding Educator Sue Beckon


Sue Beckon

Part-time Instructor, Sue Beckon, one of the recipients of the 2021 Bay College Outstanding Educator Award.

Bay College honors Sue Beckon, part-time accounting instructor, as one of its recipients of the Outstanding Educator Award.  To receive consideration for the award, faculty were nominated by a colleague, student, or someone from the community.  The primary focus of this award is to acknowledge faculty’s commitment to education and excellence in service to others.

Sue Beckon is an adjunct accounting instructor at Bay College where she teaches the Intermediate Accounting I and II classes. Beckon has been employed at Bay College for over 15 years.  In addition to teaching for Bay College, Beckon is an Associate Professor at the Lake Superior State University Regional Center on the campus of Bay College, where she has been employed since 1996. Beckon attended Michigan State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1985 and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting Information Systems in 1996.  In addition to her collegiate work, Beckon is a certified public accountant with nine years of professional experience.

Dean of Business, Technology and Workforce Development, Cindy Carter, said of Beckon, “Sue has been an instrumental part of Bay College’s Business Division for many years.  She has shared her passion and knowledge of accounting with hundreds of students who have had the opportunity to enroll in her courses and complete their college degree because of her commitment to education”.

Visit to watch a short video of the Dean of Business, Technology and Workforce Development, Cindy Carter, presenting the Outstanding Educator Award to Sue Beckon along with her acceptance speech for this great honor.

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