Silas Breault


Silas Breault
Major: Computer Network Systems and Security
Hometown: Gladstone, MI

As of November 2023, Bay College freshman Silas Breault has only taken college classes for a few months. Despite this, he’s already found quite a bit to like about his experience at Bay—including the school’s helpful instructors, cost-effective tuition, and convenient location.

In the summer of 2023, Silas graduated from Gladstone Area High School. That fall, he started taking classes at Bay College.

According to Silas, he chose to start his college education at Bay for a few different reasons.

“It’s local, so I didn’t have to go far—I could stay at home. Plus, it was an affordable option, which made it easy to get some classes started,” he said.

Silas said things have been going well since he signed up for classes at Bay and pointed to his instructors as a highlight.

“They’re just easy to communicate with and very understanding. They’ve been willing to help me with anything I need help with,” he said.

As a Bay student, Silas is majoring in computer network systems and security. He said he chose to pursue this major due to his fascination with the field.

“It’s just kind of interesting to me. There are a lot of computers nowadays—they’ve become a bigger part of our world,” he said.

He has already started working towards this major by signing up for a Python programming course in the fall 2023 semester.

“We’re doing a lot of programming projects, and I like those. It’s really interesting to get to see the coding behind stuff, and get to do some of that,” Silas said.

Currently, Silas is thinking about how he wants to continue his higher education.

“I’m not completely sure yet—I think I’m going to see how this year goes. I might go for an associate degree here at Bay, or I might try to transfer to another college next year,” he said.

No matter what his next move turns out to be, Silas said he will continue to appreciate his time at Bay and what the college does for people in Delta County and beyond.

“They give back to the community a lot, and they organize a lot of events for students and other people. It’s a really good school,” he said.