Bay College Invites Area Students to “Bay is the Way Day”


Bay College and the Delta County College Access Network are collaborating to offer high school seniors the opportunity to visit the Bay College campuses on November 2, 2018. Students beginning their day in Escanaba will be on campus from 9 AM - 2 PM Eastern.  Students beginning their day in Iron Mountain will be transported to Escanaba to see main campus as well, with a total time of 9 AM - 3:30 PM Central.  With around 50 percent of area college-bound seniors choosing community college, specifically Bay College, this is a positive way to prepare students for what to expect on their educational journey. Additionally, starting this process while students are still in high school allows for added support and guidance as students make this transition.

“Getting these students on campus, familiarizing them with the college atmosphere, and assisting them in financial aspects of college should help to eliminate some stress associated with navigating college life,” says Kathy Becker, Delta County College Access Network Director.

Attendees will hear from current and former Bay College students, Admissions, Financial Aid, Athletics, and Transfer departments, tour the college, be served lunch, and meet with faculty from each student’s individual area of academic interest.

“We are thrilled to have our incoming high school seniors on campus to start those meaningful conversations about their future at the college level,” raves Jessica LaMarch, Director of Admissions at Bay College. “This is a chance for students to start engaging with Bay College faculty and understanding the pathway to their career choice.”

Students who have not yet registered to attend this event are welcome to contact Jessica LaMarch to reserve their spot at Jessica.LaMarch_FROM_BAY_COLLEGE or 906-217-4086.