A Celebration of Serendipity


Three glasses of milk

Discover what some would do in a zombie apocalypse; the horror of being on both sides of the most final decision a person can make; the lesson we can learn from a blind calf named “Chessa”; issues that affect LBGTQ+ and the supports they need; and what it is like to relentlessly think about someone but not even talk to the person, let alone confess it – until the story is released publicly at the very event this press release covers….

Join us at “A Celebration of Serendipity” where we showcase the varied talents of Bay College students in the areas of poetry, essay writing, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, and digital media. Receive a copy of our publication, Serendipity, while listening to students share their writing and graphic cinema on Thursday, April 18, 2019 from 2pm – 4pm in the Besse Center Theater. Refreshments will be served following the event.  For more information, Email Kristine%20Granger or call 906-217-4252 or Email Amber%20Kinonen or call 906-217-4029.