Lexi Chaillier


Lexi Chaillier smiling

After taking some time to figure out what she wanted to do with her life earlier in her college career, Bay College sophomore Lexi Chaillier has decided to major in Business Administration.

Lexi started studying at Bay in the fall 2019 semester. She graduated from Escanaba Senior High School earlier that year.

“I wanted to save money by staying at home, and I was able to play softball (at Bay), so it all worked out for me,” she said.

Along with being able to spend more time with her family, Lexi has appreciated the fact that she has been able to keep her job at Escanaba coffee shop Jo to Go while studying at Bay. She has also enjoyed Bay’s smaller class sizes compared to larger universities.

“I really like how small the classes are and how I’m able to connect with my teachers,” Lexi said.

Originally, Lexi was a physical therapy major at Bay.

“I changed my first intended major last semester, but it didn’t put me behind at all, so it worked out really good,” she said.

She made the decision to switch majors after realizing she wasn’t as interested in the physical therapy field as she thought she would be.

“I took a couple medical classes, and I just didn’t really care for them,” Lexi said.

Around the same time, Lexi took some business-related classes, which she enjoyed much more. She switched her major and has been pursuing an associate degree in business administration ever since.

As she has been playing softball since she was four years old, Lexi has enjoyed being able to keep participating in this sport as a member of the Bay College Norse.

“It also helped me make a lot more friends, and I just liked that I was able to continue playing the sport that I’ve played all my life,” she said.

Lexi is aiming to graduate from Bay in 2021.

“I am finishing my associate degree after the summer semester,” she said.

While she will go on to work towards earning a bachelor’s degree from Lake State Superior University, which is based in Sault Ste. Marie, Lexi will be staying in the area. She plans to take LSSU classes through Bay’s LSSU Regional Center.

“I’m able to take classes at both Bay and LSSU and get my bachelor’s degree through LSSU,” she said.

Lexi is still thinking about what she will do with her bachelor’s degree after college, but she may end up opening a business of her own.

“I haven’t really set a career plan for it,” she said.