Bay College’s 2022-2023 Exemplary Persistence Award Recipients


2022-2023 Exemplary Persistence Award Recipients

The Exemplary Persistence Award, presented by Bay College, is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Exemplary Persistence Award.  This honor is given to college students who have shown determination, motivation, grit, and perseverance in their academic journey.  Despite difficulties and barriers along the way, these students persisted and are an inspiration to their peers, Bay College faculty and staff, and our entire community.

Recipients of the award include the following students: Nicole Beltramo, Alexander Casey, Mckenna Chartier, Keisha Coppock, Jacinta Gasperich, Janeen Fulkerson, Dakota Larson, Breanne McNally, Wendy Peterson, Sara Pierce, Grant Pollock, Zoey Poupore, Maxwell Ritchie, Kara Shaneck, Craig Smith, Lucas Wadeen, Carmela Welch, and Adam Williams.

They will be honored at a special ceremony to be held on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at the Bay College, Escanaba Campus in the HUB from 4-6pm EST, where they will be presented with the award.

Amber Kinonen, the College Readiness Coordinator at Bay College, said, “As an academic institution, we recognize the many challenges our students face.  They often grapple with complex lives, where they must balance academics with barriers and numerous other commitments.  Despite all of this, they still find ways to succeed, and we want to celebrate this.”

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