Introducing the College Success Academy at Bay College


Bay College students working together

Bay College students work together to enhance their English and Math skills as part of the College Success Academy at Bay College.

By Amy Gibbs
Published June 20, 2023

Registration is open for this summer’s College Success Academy at Bay College.  Students interested in boosting their English and/or Math education, seeking general college knowledge, developing the skills needed to be successful in college courses, eating tasty food, and having fun are encouraged to register.  Individuals who participate may be eligible to receive up to $500 cash or a computer for completion.  The College Success Academy runs in July and August 2023 and is being offered at both Bay Campuses in Escanaba, Iron Mountain, and virtually.  To participate, individuals must register to take an English or Math course at Bay College or another Michigan College or University in the Fall of 2023, and have the equivalent of a High School Diploma.  To register, visit

"This is an incredible opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to prepare themselves for a successful college experience" stated Marc Pilon, Math Instructor.  The College Success Academy instruction and support will be provided by the College’s experts: Marc Pilon, Math Instructor; Shelley Cole, English Instructor; Gabi Boyle, Advisor; and other subject matter experts.  Advisor, Gabi Boyle added "We understand the challenges students face when transitioning to college.  Through the College Success Academy, we aim to ease these concerns by providing resources such as academic support, transportation, school supplies, and meals.  We want every participant to have the tools to thrive academically."  The College is able to provide this service thanks to funds received by the Michigan Community College Association’s Academic Catch-Up Program.

"The College Success Academy embraces diversity and inclusivity, welcoming students from all walks of life.  We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to excel in higher education, and our program is designed to empower and uplift a wide range of students,” stated Shelley Cole, English Instructor.  Those who may benefit include: individuals motivated to get a jump start on their college career, recent high school graduates starting their college journey, individuals who want to go to college but are intimidated by Math or English, people needing a refresher before returning to college after a gap in time, and returning students who may have struggled in a Math or English course and need a boost before retaking a class.

Throughout July and August 2023, College Success Academy options will be offered.  Interested participants may select the Bay College campus location and the format that suits them best: 2 in-person sessions at the Bay College West Campus in Iron Mountain, 2 in-person sessions at the Bay College Main Campus in Escanaba, and/or 2 virtual sessions using Zoom.  Each session is composed of 8 classes.  To register and reserve your seat, visit:

For more information, contact Amy Gibbs, Bay College Dean of Student Success: amy.gibbs_FROM_BAY_COLLEGE or (906)217-4014; or Gabi Boyle, Bay College, College Success Academy Advisor: gabi.boyle_FROM_BAY_COLLEGE or (906)217-1036.

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The FY2023 Michigan budget allocated $10 million for the Academic Catch-Up Program (Sec. 216(a)). The program, administered by the Michigan Community College Association, supports community colleges’ efforts to combat learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For information about MCCA’s support, please visit